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Rails 5's ActionCable and Websockets Introduction | GoRails - GoRails

Chris Oliver asked in General

Thanks for this explaination, I just want to know what vim plugin you use to show that tooltip at 15:56. I beleive its ri documentation.

I'm actually using a suite of Vim plugins called Janus and I'm not sure what plugin it is that does that. It's definitely one of them listed here. Also I'm using MacVim which probably helps to provide that functionality.

zerothabhishek ·

Great tutorial. Thanks

Thanks a lot ! It's hard to find fresh new on this very important topic for rails, and you do it very well. Really enthusiastic to see your next screencast on this topic :) !

Great episode. Before watch the episode, I have no ideas how ActionCable work, but after I watched the episode, I could have some ideas how it works. Keep postings more episode on the topic :)

incubus8 ·

Great screencast!! Can we use rabbitmq or zeromq in rails to develop this kind of chat app as alternative to Redis PUBSUB?

Thanks a lot for this screencast! I used this example for adding Action Cable functionality to my app and it is work great!

But, not I want deploy it on production, where I use Nginx and SSL. Could you help me, how I can update my Nginx that it will properly work with wss ?

I haven't personally run this in production yet, but you might check out this screencast.

Thanks a lot, Chris! I think this is what I am really need. Will write here about my results in production with this set up.

Yes, this tutorial helped me. If you want set up ActionCable on production, you can use it!

Bryant Tunbutr ·

This looks very exciting! Glad Rails can now have chat and instant updates :)

What about a simple twitch clone as an example :)

That would be killer! This would be better for the chat portion of twitch, but the actual video streaming wouldn't be done using websockets.

Video streaming part can be replaced with just adding a link of a person's stream service. Some people use twitch, some youtube.... They paste a link to their stream and it just works embedded through iframe :)

Yeah, we could cheat and embed the stream. ;) But wouldn't it be sweet to build streaming video ourselves too? :)

yea, haha

Lorenzo Camaione ·

You're great!!! But what you suggest in deployment? Have i to change puma with something else?

I still need to walk through deploying this to production, but you should be able to use Puma just fine in production.

Lorenzo Camaione ·

Ok, thank you really much

Sahidur Rahman Suman ·

Great Screencasts. Can you please make a video for production environment with Nginx + Puma + Capistrano.

Great! It should be referenced in the actioncable-examples git documentation

Jim Dawkins ·

Does this make the use of something like angular pointless?

Definitely not pointless as you'll still need to build a frontend but this will help you interface with Rails a bit easier.

Jim Dawkins ·


Super Excited. Chris you are just awesom

Marcos Vicente Siqueira ·

great tutorial.

Can you make a new tutorial about rails 5 and react. Thanks

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