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@excid3:disqus Thanks for implementing with basic functionality. I have few questions:

1. On index pages to show all posts, it will have N+1 to check if the current_user like each post. Is there any good way to remove that?
2. I know we could eager load with `includes(:likes)` to solve N+1, just imagine if we have many likes for each post, and we just want to show the total count, and the last 3 likers either radom or from last, how do we do eager load them and prevent to load entire likes collection from db?

Great episode. Before watch the episode, I have no ideas how ActionCable work, but after I watched the episode, I could have some ideas how it works. Keep postings more episode on the topic :)

Great episode! Learn few tricks there.

I'm not is there any way to use At.js to support what is similar to facebook mention, it means it will use display name instead of unique field, but I think they keep either id or username in local values there.

Posted in Release GoRails platform subscribers or OSS?

It will be the challenges for us to contribution and help to improve over times and also get if we could have a chance to send pull requests to improve and get feedbacks from yours as well. What do you think?

Posted in Release GoRails platform subscribers or OSS?

I'm not sure it's a good idea to release GoRails rails application only to subscribers or OSS. If so, we could benefit from some contributions on whatever features that you have planned to add or they can implement whatever features they want to see and use by their own :)

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Can't wait to see the party started :)

What's your challenges to keep third party lib up to date for their new releases? Do we have to manual download and copy to replace to files? Should the version of gems match with version of the library?

This definitely better way to couple with html structure. I notice some people having another convention for css classes that will be used by javascript with `js-`. Have you had anything thought about that?

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It's very a interesting idea. It's going to be fun. I like the format like RubyQuiz and PuzzleNode, or Codebrawl.

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