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Code Challenge idea

shakycode asked in General

Chris and I were talking about starting a challenge/kata exercise for the community in Ruby/Rails. Based off of the idea of Underhanded-C, we could post a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly challenge for all of you to solve. This would be a lot of fun I think and would prove useful as we get different answers on how to solve a Ruby/Rails problem. It would demonstrate everyone's different techniques and code style while providing a way for others to learn. Think of this as a mini-challenge.

I'd like to start threads soon but would like some ideas on different challenges/katas that we could do. Any thoughts on this guys and gals?


It's very a interesting idea. It's going to be fun. I like the format like RubyQuiz and PuzzleNode, or Codebrawl.


Agreed. Maybe it's also a challenge to do open source every day? I've been thinking about doing that this past weekend and might start today.


Sounds great. We should come up with some challenges and get this party started. Chris you want to do the honors or do you want me to write some ridonkulous code :P


Can't wait to see the party started :)


By all means, take a stab at something. I'm going to hack on simple_calendar I believe because I've got some requests for new features on it.

Are you guys interested in any specific kinds of challenges?

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