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problem with like link in nested resource

Pablo Seo asked in Rails

Hi Chris im doing the episode 'liking posts' i have difficult to do with deep nested resource,
my actual nested resources looks:

A. Routes:

  resources :users do
      resources :catalogs do
          resources :pages do
              resources :types do
                  resources :like, module: :types

B. link:

= link_to 'Like', [current_user, @catalog, @page, @type, @like], method: :post

C. Rake Routes:

user_catalog_page_type_like_index GET    /users/:user_id/catalogs/:catalog_id/pages/:page_id/types/:type_id/like(.:format)       types/like#index                                                   ____________________________ POST   /users/:user_id/catalogs/:catalog_id/pages/:page_id/types/:type_id/like(.:format)      types/like#create  new_user_catalog_page_type_like  GET     /users/:user_id/catalogs/:catalog_id/pages/:page_id/types/:type_id/like/new(.:format)      types/like#new
 edit_user_catalog_page_type_like GET     /users/:user_id/catalogs/:catalog_id/pages/:page_id/types/:type_id/like/:id/edit(.:format) types/like#edit
      user_catalog_page_type_like GET         /users/:user_id/catalogs/:catalog_id/pages/:page_id/types/:type_id/like/:id(.:format)      types/like#show
                                  PATCH  /users/:user_id/catalogs/:catalog_id/pages/:page_id/types/:type_id/like/:id(.:format)      types/like#update
                                  PUT    /users/:user_id/catalogs/:catalog_id/pages/:page_id/types/:type_id/like/:id(.:format)      types/like#update
                                  DELETE /users/:user_id/catalogs/:catalog_id/pages/:page_id/types/:type_id/like/:id(.:format)      types/like#destroy

The link is not working, have any idea?

Thank you!


Hey Pablo,

Your link looks correct and so do your routes. Are you getting an error?


when i click i got this error message:

POST http://localhost:5000/users/modas-sol/catalogs/13/pages/10/types/24 404 (Not Found)


Oh of course. If you look at your routes, there is no POST paths there. I think you can change the resources :like to be singular instead like this: resource :like and that will help.

In either case, your rake routes should be creating a POST link to let you create a new like. It's odd that your current one doesn't have a POST route.

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