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Planning upgrade from Rails 3 to 5. How to transition assets from pipeline to webpack gracefully ? Coffee & ES6

Rails • Asked by Thomas M


We plan to upgrade a production app from Rails 3 to 5.2.
We basically plan to use a mirror app since the production app is untested.
Current app is using jquery, coffee and asset pipeline

My primary concern is focused on assets management. Since we target a rails 5 app we want to use ES6, webpacker and react, and want to get rid of coffee.

How can we plan this transition ? Can we use both webpacker and old pipeline (sprocket) the time of the transition, using both javascript_tag and javascript pack_tag ?

I have the same interrogation about the css assets.

Can someone point me good resources explaining how to transition from one to another assets management please ?

Thank you in advance :)

For information purpose, I find thoses articles from EvilMartian which are great resources understanding the new webpacker way :
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Kind regards,

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