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Passing name objects to Stripe

Charles Smith asked in Rails

Hi Chris

A few months ago I purchased the Stripe master class - awsome - learned a lot!! I could ask this question on Stack Overflow, but since the methods are specific to the course, I thought it be best asked here.

In the user.rb file, there is the method listed below that creates a Stripe customer is one doesn't exist.

def stripe_customer
    if stripe_id?
      stripe_customer = Stripe::Customer.create(email: email)

Stripe has a customer name field, how can I pass the user_first and user_last along with the email when creating a new customer? I looked on the Stripe api and it doesn't make reference at all to a name object.

Thank you.


Hey Charles,

I'm pretty sure you want the description attribute and you can pass the user's name in there.

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