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Opt-in to receiving thread notifications

Nick McNeany asked in Site Feedback

Hey Chris,

It would be great if users had the ability to opt-in to receiving new thread post notifications. Sometimes I like to just throw my two cents in, but don't really intend on following the thread too closely.

Definitely not a high priority feature, just thought I'd throw it out there.

As always, thanks for the awesome videos and thanks for creating this awesome community!



Subscribing / unsubscribing functionality for a thread would be great! Sometimes I'm interested in a thread and would like to see the result without having to throw myself into the ring to follow!

Great suggestion Nick! :)


Agreed, this is something I've been meaning to build for a long time. At this point I question whether or not I should have just used Thredded instead, but it's fairly late now. :P.

I think I'll be adding the ability for you to both subscribe and unsubscribe from threads. Since you're kind of automatically subscribed by posting in a thread, it'd be nice to unsubscribe as well.


Alrighty, it's live (and hopefully all working!).

You can find it on the left side underneath the categories. I should probably put it in a better spot, but hey, I'm no designer yet. 😜


Looks good to me. I guess I'll know if it's working when someone else comments in this thread!

Also, I'm impressed with turn-around time!


Awesome. I just muted this thread so next post in here I shouldn't receive an email...feel free to post a reply to test it. :)


Sweet, thanks for adding this feature Chris!!


Doh. I still got notified. It ain't done yet! :)


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