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Okay I subscribed to learn Rails.. but where do I start?

Shoaib Ali Cherangi House asked in General

Okay, I might be coming off like a total noob (and I am one by all means when it comes to Rails) but I really need some clarity on how to get strated with learning Rails from the Episodes available.

Can someone help me out with an episode list that I can follow that will get me upto speed?



I would suggest starting with the very first episodes.

Those are some basics about Ruby on Rails then it gets into building a lot of basic features most apps have like login, permissions, likes, etc.

If you're completely new to Rails, GoRails might be a little much at the beginning and I would suggest going through the Rails tutorial as well:

That said, if you have any questions on things or a topic you would like covered, just let me know and I'll try my best to make some screencasts for you!


Alright @Chris. Thanks! I'll start from the first episodes and read Hartl's book in parallel.


And Chris, I think a tutorial on a basic CRUD Rails app with maybe basic login functionality would be a good addition to your episodes!


That could be good beginner content, and possibly a place to begin talking about testing. Both more beginner topics and testing are goals for me to cover more in 2018. 👍

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