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Noticed Gem - Twilio is not working

Aaron Xavier asked in Gems / Libraries

Using jumpstartpro. Setup the credentials and verified that they are correct. All other delivery methods work, but I am getting this error for Twilio

Error performing Noticed::DeliveryMethods::Twilio (Job ID: 6a072966-9bce-4abb-8c91-f48a92a81db6) from Sidekiq(default) in 344.18ms: Noticed::ResponseUnsuccessful (Noticed::ResponseUnsuccessful):

No other details as to why. Any idea how I can troubleshoot the issue?

Figured out from the debug that in addition to the def message function I also need to have a param[:message] (which is used by twiolio. Somehow I missed that this is a requirement from the docs. :( @enquiry, message: "#{@enquiry.first_name} just sent an enquiry.").deliver(User.all)

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