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Nginx Reload after Letsencrypt has made the websites slow.. is it common or its limited to my server setup?

Anand Padia asked in Servers
Hi Guys,

We have an application which has about 250+ websites running on it. However post we deployed SSL on these website our Nginx Reload has slowed down a lot. We are now facing situation where if we have to update anything to the Rails application we can only do it in the night to avoid any complaints from our customers. 

However the situation is getting worse for us, we have got customers creating website using our application more often.. on the business side we are loving it however our setup automatically generates a SSL for the website using certbot and restart's the server. Because of these restarts our customers are now feeling that we are not giving proper service. 

Is there anyone who has faced this issue.. and is there a solution available. Details of our setup is mentioned below for your reference.

Rails - 4.2.6
Ruby - 2.3.3
Nginx version: nginx/1.12.2
Phusion Passenger 5.2.0
Digital Ocean Droplet - 16 GB Memory / 320 GB Disk / Ubuntu 16.04.2 x64

Please help.


Are each of these SSL certs in a separate file?

Are you restarting nginx with `nginx restart` or `nginx reload`?

I've never dealt with near that many SSL certs so that's certainly a new problem to me. I did find this blog which talks about handling 1022 sites and SSL certs with server configs: Seems like it has a couple tips that might help.
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