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Mobile App with Devise Facebook OmniAuth

Tang Rufus asked in Gems / Libraries

My Rails 4 app is using Devise and Facebook OmniAuth. The web app is working perfectly. Now I want to make a iOS app to consume my rails app's API.

Instead of telling iOS users to type in their auth_token from devise-token_authenticatable gem, how can iOS app users login my Rails app after Facebook authentication?



That's definitely something I'm not super familiar with, but can guarantee that many people have done it. Take a look at these answers here and see if they help at all.

I think you would hand back the Facebook OAuth token to the Rails app and you wouldn't necessarily need the token_authenticatable gem.


I'm actually working on something similar in iOS with one of my Rails apps and I hand the OAuth token back to the Rails app. There wasn't a need in my case for the token_authenticatable gem.

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