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installed RoR, now what?

Rino Mardo asked in General

after installing RoR, what is next? i looked around the guides and screencasts and all of them assume you already have experience with RoR!

where is the tutorial for newbie RoR developers?
how to be a full stack RoR developer too?


Hi Rino — speaking for myself, I started on a different website: If you're brand new to MVC development and Rails, it's a pretty wholistic A-Z tutorial including text editing, version control and hosting.

I gravitate to the more advanced tutorials on GoRails, but it looks like there's solid basics in a few series here as well.

How to Build a Forum:
Rails for Beginners:


Hi Rino

One option is Andy Leverenz's

You can also look at one of the Rails courses. This site gives an overview of some of them (note that these are on Rails 4 and Rails 5):

A good Rails 6 basic course if the one from Pragmatic Studio but this costs a lot more:

Good luck with your studies.


There is a deep overview of the ROR tutorial and courses related to development on Simpliv Coupon. I'm doing a front-end development course from there they have thousands of courses related to development.

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