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How To Build A Forum Tutorial Series

Forum Series Part 1: Architecture
#25 ·

The first part of the Forum series, we talk about how the database and structure of the forum is designed

Forum Series Part 2: Routes
#26 · Pro

Designing routes for a forum and discussing how we can use those to improve the structure of our Rails application

Forum Series Part 3: Nested Attributes and fields_for
#27 ·

Learn how to use accepts_nested_attributes_for and fields_for to create forms that include associated models in them

Forum Series Part 4: div_for
#28 · Pro

The div_for method gives you easy access to creating id's and classes for your ActiveRecord objects in the views. It also makes for easy access to elements with CSS and Javascript.

Forum Series Part 5: Email Notifications with Rails 4.2, deliver_later, and Previews
#29 ·

Learn how to send email notifications to users with Rails 4.2 ActionMailer, deliver_later, and email previews

Forum Series Part 6: Search with Ransack
#30 · Pro

Search with Ransack through associations

Forum Series Part 7: Time Zones using the local_time Gem
#31 ·

A look into times, timezones, and how to handle it better with javascript