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Improving and Practising Ruby Skills?

TonnySmith asked in Ruby


I want to improve my Ruby skills and fluency, but I am n ot really sure how to start. I have a good, albeit basic understanding of Ruby, and Codewars is great but it can get boring and is limited to smaller applications and some of the questions is more problem solving than learning how to code (I am 6Kyu). I had a look at Ruby on Rails and thought perhaps too advanced for my stage, but I dont know how to improve!

Any help would be greatly appreciated, such as what kind of apps to build or tutorials on Rails, as web development is my end goal.



If you are learning something it is a good idea to have an actual purpose in mind. If you don't it is hard to push yourself on learning for learning's sake.

So best thing is to think of a problem you want to solve that you can build an app/website for.

Next best thing is perhaps to try this

I have done a couple of tutorials of theirs and they do help with what's involved on a proper project. The only problem I have is with the guy's English which can be hard to listen to for long.

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