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Posted in ActiveAdmin & Autocomplete

Has anyone had, and hopefully fixed, the jquery(?) conflict between activeadmin and autocomplete ( I was using easyAutocomplete ).

Soon as I have both in a project it breaks with not a function issues. Really frustrating because ActiveAdmin was ideal for my needs but this seems to be a common issue. Why are they conflicting?

Posted in Improving and Practising Ruby Skills?

If you are learning something it is a good idea to have an actual purpose in mind. If you don't it is hard to push yourself on learning for learning's sake.

So best thing is to think of a problem you want to solve that you can build an app/website for.

Next best thing is perhaps to try this

I have done a couple of tutorials of theirs and they do help with what's involved on a proper project. The only problem I have is with the guy's English which can be hard to listen to for long.

Posted in Using ActiveAdmin to Build an Admin UI Discussion

I know this is really old but was wondering if anyone had resolved the issues of ActiveAdmin interfering with jquery etc.

I have created an app that works nicely with AA and came here and found the nice tutorial on how to add autocomplete to my app. Trouble is I get the easyComplete(options) is not a function problem.

I tried using the sample autcomplete app. As soon as I add activeadmin to it it breaks too.

Been a big time waster. Hate JS/Jquery for how brittle it is. All help welcome.