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I was wondering if you ever considered doing a series on salesforce

Brandon Buteaux asked in Rails

I see a lot of ROR coders in forums looking for information on how to implement some Ruby or ROR with their salesforce implementations.

I was wondering if you ever considered doing a series on that - seeing as the salesforce community is enormous. I know that most use or adapt to the APEX code but some companies already have large ROR implementations and that is where I see most of the questions and theories on how to best implement that.



I've never used Salesforce, so that makes it pretty hard to teach. I'll have to look into it sometime. Any pointers where I would start to check it out and what I could do as an example?


I'm glad you asked.

Salesforce has amazing documentation on pretty much everything and it is used by tens of millions of people, so the market for even a small series is potentially huge. The main thing I could see being able to be used with salesforce (which is what most people are asking for, or trying to figure out on forums) is how to pump the data between the two apps (their current rails app, and the salesforce crm that their company likely uses for sales and client relationship management). This is achieved using a "canvas app" as salesforce calls it. Salesforce allows the people to have an open api for all of their data that they have, so it makes it pretty useful for implementing this type of thing.

For instance, my company has 2 different, rather simple, ROR apps our clients use to see general information on their cases and projects, however, our salespeople use salesforce and that is where 95% of the communication comes from. I have been able to use standard REST calls and get some decent functionality between the two. I think you could really capture an audience to your channel by looking into it - if only for that series for 'pro' subscribers. These people using salesforce are paying some serious $$$ per year and they would have no problem fronting the costs to help their devs quit bumbling around trying to roll their own stuff between their sales and client side apps.

Just a thought, I know there are a few hundred, if not thousands of people that ROR apps for their companies and use SF as their sales CRM - so it is definitely worth taking a look at. Plus, I am alway interested to see what you come up with, because my implementations are usually more 'hacky' since I own a business and don't have the needed time to sit down and plan before coding. You always approach solutions a little more elegantly, haha.

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