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I am trying to build an application that will display routes on a map

Ruby • Asked by Luke Bennett

Hi there,

I am completely new to Ruby, and am trying to understand a way of building an application to display routes on a map, using this API:

I want to use a map such as Google maps/Open maps/Mapbox to display the routes, but not sure how to upload the information I get back from the API, what packages to use, etc.

Any help would be grand! Thankyou,


RestClient is pretty good for accessing an external API, although sometimes people have built an wrapper around the API to make it easier to work with. You might check to see if you can find an API wrapper gem.

Then once you get the information back from the API, you probably want to save it in your database.

And to render it in Open Street Maps or something similar, you'd use their Javascript APIs to load in the routes.

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