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How to setup SSL with a rails app

Francisco Quinones asked in General

So I have a ssl certification that I want to apply to my rails app. Im using puma on Heroku.


Hey Francisco,

Heroku has a free beta SSL offering that you can use (rather than the normal $20/mo to use SSL):

I believe you just need to use the command line to upload your certs and you should be good to go!


Chris Thanks as always.


I chris having a little problem. So I was following the Docs.

  1. got the CSR from heroku
  2. I got a godaddy cert ssl
  3. Update the DNS (heres where im having problem.)
Standard Wildcard SSL from godaddy
CSR files
heroku certs:info
Fetching SSL certificate hypsilophodon-49522 info for myapp done
Certificate details:
Common Name(s): *
Expires At:     ...
Issuer:        ...Go Daddy Secure Certificate Authority - G2
Starts At:      ...
Subject:        /OU=Domain Control Validated/CN=*
SSL certificate is self signed.
heroku certs
Name                               Common Name(s)                  Expires               Trusted  Type
....-49522  *,                         ...                        False    SNI
On my DNS Management
CNAME   www
Your certificate * expires on ...
Ensure you've updated your DNS to reflect the new target name. See domain table below.
heroku panel settin
Domain Name DNS Target

I think im doing some setup wrong.

Godaddy Cname

I'm not an expert on this stuff and I've only used their legacy SSL setup, so unfortunately I don't know that I have any advice for you on this one. Hopefully someone else can weigh in here for you or you can check with Heroku support on it!


Thank you, Chris as always for the quick reply.


Got it working Chris. Just redo same step and got it working. thank you.

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