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How to Modify & Customize ActionText HTML Output in Rails Discussion

This was so helpful.

I was able to override the default actiontext HTML templates after viewing this. My current codebase's ActionText install does not have any editable ERB files in /views/, and I couldn't figure out a way to get an installer to generate them.

I made this initializer and custom ERB templates, and it works for me! I can now point ActionText to load inside a custom div (in my case, one without the trix-content CSS class.)

Thanks x 1,000 Chris.

# config/initializers/action_text.rb
module ActionTextLoadCustomPartial
  def to_rendered_html_with_layout
    # this points to app/views/layouts/custom_action_text/contents/_content.html.erb:
    render layout: "/custom_action_text/contents/content", partial: to_partial_path, formats: :html, locals: { content: self }

  def to_partial_path
    # this points to app/views/custom_action_text/contents/_content.html.erb:

ActiveSupport.on_load :action_text_content do
  self.prepend ActionTextLoadCustomPartial

Here's the layout file:

<div class="rich-text-content-layout">
  <%= yield -%>

IMPORTANT: Here's the partial file:

<div class="rich-text-content">
  <%= render_action_text_content(content) %>

That render_action_text_content(content) is necessary to output the rich text, I assume b/c it's defined in locals: {} above in the layout call. I found that poking around in


This was really helpful: thanks Chris!


I’m pretty sure this causes an infinite loop if you need to convert a model column into a rich_text field and do something like model.update/update_attribute(content: model.old_content). I’ve never seen such a bad loop — I actually had to kill my PostgreSQL process.


ActionText::ContentHelper.allowed_attributes dont seem to be working in Rails 7.1 due to some changes to the sanitizer

ActionText::ContentHelper.sanitizer.class.allowed_tags += %w[iframe script blockquote time]
ActionText::ContentHelper.sanitizer.class.allowed_attributes += ["data-id", "data-flickr-embed", "target"]

Thanks, that worked. I added this test to my project to verify and handle any future changes

require "test_helper"

class ActionTextCustomizationTest < ActiveSupport::TestCase
  test 'action text links should have rel="noopener noreferrer" and target="_blank"' do
    text =
      body: "<a href=''>Example</a>"

    assert_includes text.to_s, "rel=\"noopener noreferrer\""
    assert_includes text.to_s, "target=\"_blank\""

Switching config.load_defaults to 7.1 switches from Rails::HTML4::SafeListSanitizer to the new Rails::HTML5::SafeListSanitizer which doesn't seem to pickup these changes in the initializer


Can move the code to config.after_initialize or inside ActiveSupport.on_load(:action_text_content)

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