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Great episode, Collin: thank you

I also found the annotate output at the top of the file annoying, so my team now has annotate config set to output at the bottom of the file:

  'position_in_routes'      => "bottom",
  'position_in_class'       => "bottom",
  'position_in_test'        => "bottom"

Hey Bhumi: really interesting episode - thank you!

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Thanks Chris - loved the episode: very informative. Lovely dynamic refactoring work, too, imho

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Great lesson: thanks Collin! I learned a couple of new tricks there - appreciated!

Great episode Chris: thank you

Love this, Chris: thank you!

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Hey Collin

Great ep: thank you!

Really enjoyed the Github actions intro. We use a 3rd party CI (Semaphore) which is really good, but it was useful to see "the Github way"

A suggestion: might be worth a short ep on securing Github branches, so that (for instance) a branch can't be merged if its test coverage is either failing or below a threshold - we use this in my company and it makes people make sure they write their tests (or tweak the threshold expectation!)


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Thanks Collin

I've authored a few gems already, but this was a really useful look at the "bare-bones" approach rather than use the "bundle gem your-name-here # and fill in the blanks" approach.

Always good to get back to the core concepts - appreciated!

This was really helpful: thanks Chris!