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How to debounce ActiveJobs?

Matthias Orgler asked in Rails

How can I debounce jobs in ActiveJob?

Why I need this:
Events in my Rails app can trigger the same job independently from multiple places. But I want this job to run only once – only running the last job scheduled. I want to cancel all earlier jobs to save resources. Here is an example:

Job 1: Re-render file x
Job 2: Re-render file x
Job 3: Re-render file x
=> cancel job 1+2, only execute job 3

What I found:
Found, which implements this for Sidekiq. But I can't figure out how to do it in ActiveJob directly.

Is there a way to debounce jobs in ActiveJob?


Possibly this with a supported backend queue?

I think when you enqueue a job it gives you back an ID. You could probably save that ID to the model that's being processed and look for a match when the job starts to only allow that Job ID to do the processing.

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