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How is it done to pass default values in the controller?

Rails • Asked by Nicolás Bobb

Some values by default and others by strong parameters from the views

Generally, I put default values in the model itself rather than the controller.

class User
  after_initialize :set_defaults

    def set_defaults ||= "[email protected]"

I have access to current_user in model ?

I'm try:

def classroom_params
       params.require(:classroom).permit(:name, :owner_id => [current_user])

But don't work because "owner.required".

You don't have access to that in the model. For assigning current_user, I do that in the controller but all other defaults I'd put in the model.

def create
  @record =
    @record.owner = current_user

    #... etc

Thanks for all your help!! :)

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