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How does Chris open NERDTree by default when he runs "mvim ." ?

alksfhd asked in Tips

When I open a directory with mvim, I don't seem to be getting nerdtree. Instead, I get the regular directory buffer that is styled like nerdtree. When I open a file from this regular tree view, it replaces the tree viewer instead of opening beside it. How can I open directories with NERDTree by default in macvim?


Hey Liam!

So I use Janus for Vim. I'm guessing maybe it's a config option that comes by default then to do that if yours is different. They ship a lot of good defaults and I originally used it to just replicate my workflow from Sublime into Vim. I actually don't even know all the details of how they configure everything since it all worked out really nicely from a fresh install haha.

Maybe you can find their NERDTree config in the repo or you might like to just try out Janus itself.


I recommend using RubyMine , it's not free but worth the money.
Especially if you're taking Ruby/Rails as a serious job.
They also have a pretty good vim mode (coming from a vim only guy).

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