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How do I upload files larger than 2GB?

Rails • Asked by Jimmy McDaniel

I've watched the series on uploading files with Shrine, and I learned a great deal. However, there's still that issue with large files consuming all the resources on the server for a very long time. What's the generally accepted process to accept large files? Are there any episodes here on GoRails that address this?

Thanks in advance.

Hey Jimmy,

Yeah that stuff can be gnarly. Generally, it's probably best to do the direct to S3 uploads so that you aren't bogging down your server with uploads. That's going to take a load off your server and then you can process that file later in background jobs if needed.

I'm not really an expert on uploading massive files but that's probably the best place to start. I'm sure that Janko the author of Shrine can help with more ideas if you message him about it. Also maybe some other people in the community here have handled situations like that who can give some advice for uploading and processing big files.

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