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How do I process request with parameters

mike zenon asked in Rails

i am new to ruby on rails, just run the examples

I just wonder if I want list all the articles with certain string in the title, how can I do it in rails?


Hey Mike,

You would take the param and then query the database with it in your SQL.

Something like:
Article.where("title LIKE ?", "%#{params[:query]}%")


Would you please provide me more details? Where should I add this query? I would like to display selected rows or all rows based on the parameter.

  • For GET articles?special=false, return all articles

  • For GET articles?special=true, return all articles that has "token" in the title

The followings are some source code related( That is my guess).

Thanks a lot, I am really appreciate your help!

bin/rails routes
articles GET /articles(.:format) articles#index


class ArticlesController < ApplicationController
def index
@articles = Article.all

=== app/views/articles/index.html.erb
<% @articles.each do |article| %>

<%= article.title %>
<%= article.text %>
<%= link_to 'Show', article_path(article) %>

<% end %>

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