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How do I create hierarchical data with a model?

Félix Landry-Audet asked in General

I have found and played with awesome_nested_set which is awesome for real. I was wondering if this is the recommended gem for managing tree data in Rails or if there are any others that would do it. awesome_nested_set is really doing the job however I find it lacks of documentation.

Thanks! :)



There are a handful of different ways you can do it. This is actually a nice little blog post talking about 3 options and their pros / cons. Generally you're going to want ones with fast reads because that's going to be the more common query.


Yep thanks I read that. I was confident using awesome-nested_set but just found out closure_tree which seems to have more documentation and more options. I'll try it out.



Oh wonderful, I haven't heard of that one and by the docs and activity it certainly looks like it's well maintained. I'll have to try it out!

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