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add_reference :table_name, :column_name, unique: true, foreign_key: true

I think ;)

Posted in How do I create hierarchical data with a model?

Yep thanks I read that. I was confident using awesome-nested_set but just found out closure_tree which seems to have more documentation and more options. I'll try it out.


Posted in Is there a better way to simplify this?

Wouldn't there be an includes(:product) somewhere to avoid too many request to the DB?

Posted in How do I create hierarchical data with a model?

I have found and played with awesome_nested_set which is awesome for real. I was wondering if this is the recommended gem for managing tree data in Rails or if there are any others that would do it. awesome_nested_set is really doing the job however I find it lacks of documentation.

Thanks! :)


Thanks Chris!

I got it. I used :

validates_uniqueness_of :center_id, scope: :department_id

I have a Center model and a Department model. The linked :through the Local model. However, I want to avoid inserting the same match twice in the Local table.

Do I use a validate statement or there is a different way of telling Rails to raise an error? What would be the best way?