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How do I add a new input to a form using AJAX

Romain asked in Rails


I'm trying to replace a Flatpickr input in a form using AJAX.
I have to do this because Flatpickr does not currently support dynamic update of its attributes

I can't find a way to pass the form object to the partial in my show.js.erb file and I don't even know if it's possible to do that.

Replacing the entire form could be a solution, however if the user has started filling in some entries, then triggering the AJAX call would reset everything.
I could also store the filled entries values before I replace the whole form and then spread them into the new form instance, but that seems odd to me.

Any hints? :)

My show.js.erb:

    document.querySelector("#booking-form").append(document.createRange().createContextualFragment("<%= j render(partial: 'timepicker', locals: { form: form, interval: @interval }) %>"));

The partial that I would like to render:

    = form.text_field :time,
                    class: "form-control timepicker",
                                    data: { controller: "flatpickr",
                                                    flatpickr_no_calendar: true,
                                                    flatpickr_enable_time: true,
                                                    flatpickr_date_format: "H:i",,
                                                    flatpickr_min_time: interval[:start_time]
                                                    flatpickr_max_time: interval[:end_time] }
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