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[HATCH] Some questions :)

Sascha M. asked in Rails

Hey there,

i have a few questions rg. your new product Hatch.

  1. is there a Heroku-like way to insert a SSL cert or do we need to do that manually?
  2. What permissions are we granting so you can manage the server?
  3. How are you storing ENV variables (encrypted?)?
  4. What about migrating later from DO to another provider that you will add in the future? Is it a "one-click" migration from one server to another?

Heroku just announced automated certificate management with Let's Encrypt. Maybe thats something to consider aswell:



Great questions!

  1. SSL is coming really soon. I decided to launch without it just to get it out the door. If you're not embarassed by your first version of your product right? :) Both custom certs and Lets Encrypt will be coming in the next couple weeks.
  2. Pretty much full permissions on your server. Each server gets a unique SSH key that is added to the server and since I have to install packages and everything it needs root access to do all that.
  3. SSH keys, environment variables, etc are all encrypted in Hatch using attr_encrypted. They're stored on your server using rbenv-vars so that Ruby can pick it up when your Rails app loads.
  4. I don't know that I'll be building easy migration to other places, but for the most part this is the same going in or out of Hatch. You pretty much just need to move your database in or out of your server to the other provider. If you were coming from Heroku, you'd move their PG database to the one on your server and vice versa if you want to go to Heroku.
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