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GEM dependencies for implementing Google Pay and Apple Pay in Ruby

Gems / Libraries • Asked by Xst996

We have an ecommerce website using Stripe as the payment provider and want to implement Google Pay and Apple Pay. For background, we are running a lot of out of date GEMS and Ruby is currently at version 2.3

Part of this requires us to upgrade our version of the Stripe API to the latest version. The list of GEMS we've identified that are what we think are dependencies for the new version of STRIPE (or dependencies on each other is below).

Does this look feasible? Looking at the STRIP Gem itself on RubyGems, it only calls out 2 runtime dependencies - faraday and net-http-persistent

That looks feasible to me. The one I've run into trouble with in the past is Faraday since many gems depend upon it. You might need to update some other gems to allow your Faraday dependency to update high enough. Might neet do the same for a couple other gems.

Awesome, thanks.

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