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Forum Series Part 4: div_for Discussion

General • Asked by Chris Oliver

In diving into div_for, I just discovered the ActionView method dom_id which will turn an instance of ForumPost into something like forum_post_10. It's what Rails uses behind the scenes for generating the div id in div_for. Before that (if I had to do it manually) I would have done something like "forum_post_#{}"

Oh sweet. I remember seeing dom_id before but absolutely forgot about it!

There's also dom_class

Fritz Rodriguez Jr.

Great video, really useful..thanks!

Chris, how can you use the anchor tag with pagination? For instance you use anchor tag <%= link_to posts_path(anchor: post-#{}) that points to a record which can be found on the 2nd or 3rd page of the posts_path thanks to the pagination. In this case the link_to helper will take you to the top of the posts_path instead of the record since the div tag the anchor tag is looking for can't be found in the DOM.

div_for has now been removed from Rails

Владислав Коваленко

But if you really want to use it just install 'record_tag_helper' gem

Getting this error Base-level rules cannot contain the parent-selector-referencing character '&'. When adding
&:target {
background-color: rgb(248,238,199);
padding: 8px;

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