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Forum Series Part 4: div_for Discussion

Another great video!

mattangriffel mattangriffel

In diving into div_for, I just discovered the ActionView method dom_id which will turn an instance of ForumPost into something like forum_post_10. It's what Rails uses behind the scenes for generating the div id in div_for. Before that (if I had to do it manually) I would have done something like "forum_post_#{}"


Oh sweet. I remember seeing dom_id before but absolutely forgot about it!

Fritz Rodriguez Jr. Fritz Rodriguez Jr.

Great video, really useful..thanks!


Chris, how can you use the anchor tag with pagination? For instance you use anchor tag <%= link_to posts_path(anchor: post-#{}) that points to a record which can be found on the 2nd or 3rd page of the posts_path thanks to the pagination. In this case the link_to helper will take you to the top of the posts_path instead of the record since the div tag the anchor tag is looking for can't be found in the DOM.


div_for has now been removed from Rails

Владислав Коваленко Владислав Коваленко

But if you really want to use it just install 'record_tag_helper' gem


Getting this error Base-level rules cannot contain the parent-selector-referencing character '&'. When adding
&:target {
background-color: rgb(248,238,199);
padding: 8px;

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