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Forum Series Part 1: Architecture Discussion

General • Asked by Chris Oliver

Good start Chris! btw, would be nice if you do granular commits on github, everything in 1 commit make it "harder" to follow

That was my bad. I realized I hadn't been making commits while recording but I'll try to do that in the future.

Chris, I'm so excited you are doing this series! Thank you so much.

hi,i am learning this too,have another chat method?

When I was learning Ruby on Rails I also write simple forum with Ruby on Rails. You can check it out:

I'm going to have a hard time waiting for the next part of this series :) Great screencast!

Too cool --this is exciting!! Thanks

Would it be possible to add categories to this? With like forum_thread belongs to categories and categories has many forum _threads?

Absolutely! I'd set it up the way you mentioned where categories are higher level than forum threads. Then you could have categories#index as the root of the application and list out those, then forum threads inside. That's basically how operates.

Major props to this video, as well as ALL of your other screencasts. I've been doing Rails for a little over a year now, but I can really appreciate the subtle 'beginner' things that you mention, such as the simple associations explanation, in your videos; I feel like that definitely helps some people who are wanting to dive into Rails at an early level. Keep up the good work Chris!

Just awesome! I wonder how many videos are in this series... Can't wait!

Zomgad this is awesome! Thanks Chris!

I appreciate the series style a lot. It just helps to see how everything fits together. And since I haven't worked on an app for more than 6 months now, this part is a nice refresher.

Oh, thank you so much! really useful

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