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Extending Rails flash

Jiri Prochazka asked in Rails

I have in app/lib/action_dispatch/flash/flash_hash.rb file this code:

class ActionDispatch::Flash::FlashHash
  def my_method

but when I call it in controller, I get undefined method 'my_method' for ActionDispatch::Flash::FlashHash:0x007fcf8e81e510:

def index

Why? Any ideas?


And another question - is there an easy way to access flash from lib?

Hey Jiri,

Do you know for sure if that file is being loaded? I think that it should be since it's in app, but I would just want to verify that.

You can also just simply define this in an initializer if you want a simpler way of doing this. It would look something like this:

# config/initializers/flash.rb

class ActionDispatch::Flash::FlashHash
  def my_method

And last question, what's the goal you're trying to accomplish with this?

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