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Exception/error reporting from live.

Rails • Asked by Simon P


When my app crashes in live it would be nice to get emailed the stack trace/error info.

Does anything exist to do this?

I found which looks about right but is this the best way and best option?



There are many of them. Recently got tipped on Really fair free plan!

if you want a 100% free, but simple solution, you can use together with It will only be a couple lines of code.

Another tip: You can also run an errbit server which is an open source version of Airbrake and use the airbrake gem to talk to it which is kind of nifty.


Looking at bugsnag and it looks very nice.

I dont think I can use the free plan on Heroku though?

Why not? You mean it's not an add-on?

They dont seem to do the free bugsnag plan on heroku -

Might try Airbrake which does seem to have a free plan. -

Just an FYI, you don't have the use the Heroku addon. You can go straight to bugsnag and set it up yourself if you want. The addons are just there to make it slightly easier to setup.

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