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error with purgecss and Tailwind 2

Leon Entrup asked in Javascript

Hey there, I am facing the following problem. In production, purgecss is preventing all all css from @tailwindcss/forms from being rendered properly. When I comment out purgecss everything is working just fine. The forms are located in the following file:


Here is my postcss.config.js :

let environment = {
  plugins: [
      autoprefixer: {
        flexbox: 'no-2009'
      stage: 3

if (process.env.RAILS_ENV === "production") {
      content: [
      defaultExtractor: content => content.match(/[A-Za-z0-9-_:/]+/g) || []

module.exports = environment

My package.json can be found here:

My tailwind.config.js can be found here:

wow, thank you Chris for the quick reply. I am deeply grateful for the work you're doing. Always listen to the podcast too.

You're welcome and thanks for all the support! 🙏❤️

I think we didn't have the issue with Jumpstart Pro because I have some examples in the docs or something, so ours didn't get purged.

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