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Enable turbo_frame: modal tag conditionally

Ahmed Nadar asked in Rails

I have a link for creating a new item

  • <%= link_to "List an item", new_item_path, data: { turbo_frame: 'modal' } %>
  • This opens a item form in a turbo_frame_tag modal <%= turbo_frame_tag "modal" %>

    What I need to do is, allow regular users to list 3 items only while Admin can list more items. And if they click on above link it redirect it to root_path with a flash notice.

    I have such validation in item controller:

    before_action :check_limited_items, if: :signed_in?, only: :new

    def check_limited_items
    limited_items = 3
    return unless current_user.items_count == limited_items

    redirect_to root_path
    flash[:notice] = "Allow 3 items only."

    When I click on above link for a new item, it does nothing. When i refresh, flash notice shows up.

    How could I fix that? And is a controller a good place for validation or model? I tried both and same result.
    Also, I use Pundit for authorizations, can it help using scopes?

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