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Edit user profile with devise if user signed up with facebook omniauth

Camilla asked in Rails


I use 2 gems (gem 'devise' and gem 'omniauth-facebook').
The user is able both to sign_in ou sign_up with facebook. If a User did a regular sign up in the past, he's found by email, and if not he is created in the database.

My question now is how a User can update his account including password if he doesn't know the actual password because it's generated as a random number? I saw the Devise article but I also want users to update their passwords. Any thoughts?


class User < ApplicationRecord
def self.find_for_facebook_oauth(auth)
user_params = auth.slice("provider", "uid")
user_params.merge!"email", "first_name", "last_name")
user_params[:facebook_picture_url] =
user_params = user_params.to_h

user = User.find_by(provider: auth.provider, uid: auth.uid)
user ||= User.find_by(email: # User did a regular sign up in the past.
if user
  user =
  user.password = Devise.friendly_token[0, 20]  # Fake password for validation false)

return user



class Users::OmniauthCallbacksController < Devise::OmniauthCallbacksController
def facebook
user = User.find_for_facebook_oauth(request.env['omniauth.auth'])

if user.persisted?
  sign_in_and_redirect user, event: :authentication
  set_flash_message(:notice, :success, kind: 'Facebook') if is_navigational_format?
  session['devise.facebook_data'] = request.env['omniauth.auth']
  redirect_to new_user_registration_url


def failure
redirect_to root_path

Hey Camilla,

I almost always use the Devise wiki page to not require the current password to update their account. That would make it so the user wouldn't have to know their password to update.

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