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Duration of a video in the listing page

rabin prithvi asked in Site Feedback

Duration of a video in the listing page would be highly useful to select a video to watch.


Seems like you prefer a short duration video?
So do I
Maybe we can ask Chris to make video with shorter duration? 😅
It usually takes 15-20 minutes when I'm sure he can make it shorter
15-20 minutes is too long imho


Agreed. :) I'm going to update the list to include the durations shortly.

And yeah, my ideal length is 15-20 minutes, but because the audience is a wide range of beginner to advanced Rails devs, it's hard to cover everything in that time. I should probably start splitting episodes up into two parts to handle that better.


Chris ~ May I ask how you are handling/doing the duration of the video on the listing page? Are you saving it in the database? if you are saving it in the database, which data type are you using? are you entering it manually? are you using a gem? Thank you!


JP, I'm storing it as an integer, total number of seconds. Then I convert it to whatever display format I want and that gives me the flexibility to change it and/or calculate the total duration of a series too.


Thank you!!

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