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GitHub Actions with Ruby on Rails: Setting up Continuous Integration Discussion

General • Asked by Chris Oliver

Congratulations on the video was very good, I will try today

I guess part of Continuous Integration is pushing the chanegs to production once the tests succeed.

Any suggestions on how to push to Heroku from within GitHub actions?

It's of course possible to configure this in Heroku, but I'm curious how to this from GitHub as it would allow you to then also run commands like database migrations after deployment.

Can't you just do this with automatic deploys in Heroku?

There are probably ways to do it, but I'd be prefer my CI setup to be self contained. For example I'm using Codeship right now which runs the tests, deploys to Heroku, runs migrations, and checks whether the site is still up.

I'm sure the same is possible with GitHub Actions, but I'm not just not sure how to push to the Heroku git repository from within GitHub.

You'd just use the Heroku action as the last step I believe:

Thanks. Would love to see an episode on that, as I think most people aren't used to doing Docker Deploys on Heroku.

Anybody has gotten github actions to work on the latest versions of Ruby? (2.6.4, 2.6.5)? Looks like the setup-ruby action has been outdated for a cople of months now.

Still waiting on them to release those Ruby versions. You can use a Ruby Docker image instead or compile and cache Ruby as part of the steps. Other than that, we just have to wait for 2.6.5 support to use setup-ruby. :(

Yeah I was trying that too!! It works fine for running regular tests I think, but it looks like you'd have to do a bit of an extra setup for system tests and chromedriver-helper. Have you had any luck running system tests?

Looks really interesting, thank you so much!

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