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Hey Alan, did your approach work? This worked for me:

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Anyone else having an eager loading problem with this tutorial?

USE eager loading detected
  Comment => [:commentable]
  Add to your query: .includes([:commentable])

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Arnas, did you get this to work?

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This was a very helpful tutrial. It will be nice add on to have this in react and vue.

Can't you just do this with automatic deploys in Heroku?

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Thanks for replying guys. Daniel, those are great tips! Thanks. I got some good ideas from you both.

My situation was little bit different, since I was moving our users from freemium to a paid version. I decided to grandfathered in the free users and start charging for the new users.

It was little tricky since users had different authorization levesl to certain parts of the services.

I was wondering how other people were approaching the problem, and these helped!

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I am experimenting with pricing. Any good tips or procedures to try out grandfathering in old users and apply new pricing to new users?

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I fixed it by:

  • Installing SSL (LetsEncrypt)
  • configuring the /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/yourapp file to listen to 443
  • configuring the firewall

This was a good resource:

I have tested this in:

Amazon Lightsail
Digital Ocean

and it seems to all work with just few minor changes in each.

Posted in Auto saving forms as they type.

Yes Chris, I think this is a common feature now that it will be a great screencast! DO IT.

Posted in Auto saving forms as they type.

Any good tips on how to auto save the form while user is typing?

For example:
Post is a model. I press create new post to open up a form. While I am typing a post field—it auto saves the post prior to pressing the save button. As user continues to type new things, it continues to save. I have seen some javascript libraries—but was wondering if anyone has implemented this with their rails app.

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I need total sum of MRR amount in single digit. Anyone knows how this is possible in Stripe?

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Do it!

@service = Service.where(provider: auth.provider, uid: auth.uid).first

FYI, that line gives an error if you cancel the omniauth login process.

Yes, this doesn't work in Safari.  Even this page does not in Safari.
I am not totally satisfied with Digital Ocean Spaces.  It is very slow at time.

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Can you CDN digital ocean spaces?