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Uploading Files to DigitalOcean Spaces Discussion

General • Asked by Chris Oliver

Thanks Chris. This was very timely as I was just considering options on a file upload project at the moment.

There's a typo in your config/initializers/shrine.rb: `regioin` instead of `region`

EDIT: Oh, and there's `imag_tag` instead of `image_tag`

Is anyone else getting a CORS error when using jquery file upload?

Can you CDN digital ocean spaces?

I am not totally satisfied with Digital Ocean Spaces.  It is very slow at time.

Thanks Chris for the only demo available on internet! 
However I'm trying to run this and receiving 

"Aws::S3::Errors::SignatureDoesNotMatch in PhotosController#create"

Do you probably know how to upload files correctly now?

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