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Considering Is this a one-person operation? What happens if subscription is not renewed?

Andrei A asked in General

Considering + DO over heroku.

If we are to start a business, we'd hope that the platform we are using is reliable and resilient.

I am wondering, is this a one-person small business? If yes, are there protocols in place in case to guarantee operation in the case of something happening to this one person? (Could be an accident, or could be having twins :)

Also, what happens if the subscription to the service is not renewed. Would this cause a disruption?

Thank you.


Hey Andrei,

Currently, it's just me and that's something you'll need to consider. Hopefully it'll make enough money to afford a team in the long run. If you decide to cancel your subscription, you won't be able to deploy anymore but your app will continue running.

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