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I need two separate bundles - one for the Admin section and one for the Public part of the application.

How can I add a second bundle to an ESBuild configuration? The two should have separate lists of stimulus controllers, although some of the stimulus controllers would be shared.

Same for SCSS - I will need two separate compiled CSS files, one for the Admin area, and one for the user-facing layouts.

  • how do you install it with Rails 6.1 and most common use case (webpack setup)
  • is Turbo a drop-in replacement for Turbolinks?
  • what would it take to replace Turbolinks with Turbo in existing (6.0) projects?
  • your thoughts comparing Turbo + Stimulus vs Stimulus Reflex
  • any issues you're noticing, unanswered questions that popped while using it
  • common scenarios where it'd be useful, and common scenarios where it cannot be used

Hopefully these would be also useful to others.

Will the v.1.x html markup continue to work with v.2, or would I need to refactor them?

It is my understanding that the old data-target="" and data-action="change->controller-name#action-name" will continue to function but may be deprecated in the future. Am I correct?

Posted in How do I renew my plan at the current discount?

Thank you, Chris

Posted in How do I renew my plan at the current discount?

I upgraded my account at the black friday sale in 2019.

Do I need to cancel and upgrade, or would last year's discount get re-applied at renewal?

Thank you.

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So basically this tells browsers that have already downloaded a copy of this version of this URL - hey, the URL has not changed?

Or this caches the whole page on Rails side and re-sends the Rails' HTML to the browser?

Looks like you need a separate heroku app with shared databases and environment vars.

Considering + DO over heroku.

If we are to start a business, we'd hope that the platform we are using is reliable and resilient.

I am wondering, is this a one-person small business? If yes, are there protocols in place in case to guarantee operation in the case of something happening to this one person? (Could be an accident, or could be having twins :)

Also, what happens if the subscription to the service is not renewed. Would this cause a disruption?

Thank you.