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Caching with Etags Discussion

Discussion for Caching with Etags

Can I use this with associations in views?
I have post with author and use fresh_when on post. If I change author will it render on post view old author or new one?


Hi, the documentation states it uses updated_at to set the last_modified in the response. So as long as your Post gets updated as the author gets updated, this should work.


Does it make sense using this for an index page if it has pagination?


So basically this tells browsers that have already downloaded a copy of this version of this URL - hey, the URL has not changed?

Or this caches the whole page on Rails side and re-sends the Rails' HTML to the browser?


Hey Chris, thank you so much for making this tutorial :)

This post illustrates one the drawbacks of this solution that I could think of.
However, it was written in 2012. Is this still a vaild concern in rails 6/7?

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