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Knowing you're probably preparing some episodes on Hotwire, here are some questions

Andrei A asked in General
  • how do you install it with Rails 6.1 and most common use case (webpack setup)
  • is Turbo a drop-in replacement for Turbolinks?
  • what would it take to replace Turbolinks with Turbo in existing (6.0) projects?
  • your thoughts comparing Turbo + Stimulus vs Stimulus Reflex
  • any issues you're noticing, unanswered questions that popped while using it
  • common scenarios where it'd be useful, and common scenarios where it cannot be used

Hopefully these would be also useful to others.


I really want a comparison with Stimulus Reflex, I don't know what technology to study.

  • Are they use to solve the same problems ?
  • If not, Can they be used together ?
  • What are the principal differences? Also I notice that Hotwire have some issues with validations, can you go deep in this topic, form validations, error messages, redirect page when error, error without redirects, etc.

Echo this – would love to see some quick pointers on what the differences are in Hotwire vs what came before


From my (fairly limited) experience, Hotwire may be easier to get started with but StimulusReflex is, at least at this point, more powerful and flexible, and perhaps more ambitious. Depending on what you plan on building, either could be sufficient/appropriate but you could combine them as well.

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