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Configure ruby projects of old version

MohitChavda asked in Rails

I am working on Rails 6.0.0 and now i want to configure one project which build in rails version 5.1.0

Do in need to install rails 5.1.0 and then install required bundle?
Or i can configure and run rails project with version 6.0.0 with not any changes.


You can do:

gem install rails -v 5.1.7
rails _5.1.7_ new myapp

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply, so in this way i can run both the version projects 6.0.0 and 5.1.0 in same machine, right?

When install bundles for required gems in config file it is based on rails version 5.1.0 (if projects are in 5.1.0), right?


This would help you create new Rails apps with different versions. Bundler already handles separate Rails versions for each app, so that's already handled for you. It installs whatever is in the Gemfile and uses that. Sometimes you may need to run "bundle exec rails" to make sure it uses the app's Rails version, not the globally installed version.

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