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Calendar with Recurring Events Error Message - undefined method `has_key?' for "null":String

BB asked in Rails
Hi I'm trying to follow Chris's Recurring events tutorial and I'm coming across this error message...

NoMethodError in EventsController#index

undefined method `has_key?' for "null":String

Extracted source (around line #15):
  def rule
    IceCube::Rule.from_hash recurring

  def schedule(start)

Has anyone encountered this and happen to know the fix?  (I know the gem and video are pretty old but everything seemed to be working well up to this point).


@BB have you been able to solve this?
I am also getting this error and have been stuck for a while now.

Nvm for anyone facing this issue, just clear your events.
I had been trying several ways and the data had issues.


It seems like there might be an issue with the data being passed to the recurring method. Double-check your code to ensure that the data is being initialized correctly. If you're still stuck, you might want to seek advice from the community or consult the gem documentation for any updates or changes. Hang in there!


Also, for more advice on handling calendar-related issues, you can check out this calendar guide at . Good luck!

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