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Best framework for putting a "job based" app on Heroku?

General • Asked by SonilGomes

I've been working with Ruby for a few years, but haven't really built anything from scratch. Most of the projects I've interacted with have been Rails.

I have a need to build a daily job that connects to a public API (uses an API client that is maintained as third-party), gather data, aggregate it, maybe fire off a few emails and write a few DB records.

There's no web interface/API (on my end), so I'm hesitant to use Rails -- no need for authentication, web, etc.

Is there a framework that's recommended for a project like this, at least one that provides a good structure? Or should I literally just use straight Ruby and structure the code as best I can?

I think probably straight ruby and structure the code as best you can.

Some of our community 'just write ruby' skills have atrophied with so much use of Rails.

use a Gemfile and bundler. bundle exec whatever.

put your starting 'cli' script in ./bin.

Put everything else in ./lib, at paths corresponding to module namespaces. require what you need at top of files that need it. shareit vidmate

That's the basic structure that will make everything play nice, I think

You are correct, Rails does not make sense if it's not a web app. I would write pure Ruby + cron jobs, maybe ActiveRecord for ORM if you are familiar with it and intend to store data in the database between job runs. 9apps app cartoon hd

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