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What is your dream app?

shakycode asked in General

If you could build anything (think outside of the box), what would it be?

Things I'm working on that are fun to build:

  • Whisper clone with material design UI for mobile and web
  • Anonymous Microblogging platform
  • Image sharing service similar to instagram but with imgur like features and more social component
  • A Simple bank clone (virtual currency, just an experiment in event driven architecture)
  • Yelp-like app to help people find mental health resources
  • Numerous projects that I've forgotten but intend to get back into

What are you building and what's your dream?


Currently working on:

  • attendnace app inspired by classdojo but for wife's non-profit
  • angie's list type site for renters to check out what previous renters thought about the rental
  • parent app lunch menu maker for picky eaters based on favorite foods

DreamApp - see above


Yelp-like app to help people find mental health resources sounds like a good idea Shakycode

I am working on

  • Drinks portal (with Jacob)
  • Pixel Tracking app, basically an analytics app which will allow the tracking of product purchases.
  • Not rails, but i am building a Jekyll blog for movie reivews. Actually it is kinda Rails related ;)

I don't know about dream app but I'm thinking of building an app for amateur sports players to meet other players and organize matches with people that have their same level.

You probably have a bunch over there but there are not many good options in my language/country.

It's kind of interesting and it doesn't seem like impossible to make for my current level.

Also, I've been thinking of making a CSS framework with some basic UI components I designed but it's probably too stupid of a project to consider.

@Alan Reid: the Analytics app sounds really interesting. How do you plan to implement something like that?


@Exequiel R I made my own Sass library - it needs some work... it started as a project in my previous job, but when i left i improved it and kept building it. It works well but needs some improvements.

As for the pixel currently i am generating a random ID and using that to assing that ID to a tracking pixel. Then when a visitor hits that pixel it fires the visits controller which then processes the data using the tracking pixel ID - its working fine, and i use the following to get the basic data i need.

pixel_id:, ip_address: request.remote_ip, referrer_uri: request.referrer 

This allows me to get the ID remote IP address and refferrer url. moving forwards i will get JS to append extra data to the pixel. I am looking at other ways to track conversions etc too.


Further more to my post above, I have now started looking at using cookies to store the tracking ID which gets set when a user clicks a link. I then get the cookie, pull out the tracking ID and add it to the pixel! This means a company could essentially create different tracking ID's to see which product links perform the best ;)

I have decided i will use the previous tracking pixel for email tracking, as this is an awesome way to see if they get opened or ignored etc.


My dream app is one that writes code for me so I can sit back and drink coffee and read reddit.


Actually my dream app and something I'm working on right now is a web based penetration testing framework using Ruby/Rails. It's a pet project that should yield some interested traction. The only problem (not really a problem of difficulty but of time) is that of porting all known attack vectors to Ruby and being able to use them properly.

I'm basically rewriting metasploit in Ruby/Rails. Meh

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