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Great stuff Chris, Stimulus is really growing on me. Omakase for the win!

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@Szilard Magyar thanks for the recommendation. I just bought the book and started reading it.
I had already seen it but I finally took the decision to buy it,

It seems pretty interesting and even thought I kinda get how Rails work I'm sure I'm going to learn tons of stuff from it.

Thanks again!

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That's really interesting Chris, I don't know if I came to the same realization but I do constantly remember while coding or doing stuff that seems complicated that it's just data passing around.

We love to create terms, buzzwords, new solutions to old problems but at the end of the day it's just data so if we think about it that way the journey gets easier.

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Basically, what has been your biggest code aha! moment. That time when you understood some concept or mantra that you were familiar with but couldn't wrap your head around.

For me, being the noob I'm, I think it was the "keep your controllers RESTful" concept.

I heard about the concept before but never truly understood it until I got how would one go around the "design" of such controllers thinking about the RESTful actions performed over models.

In case some of you don't know, the basic premise is trying to have only REST actions in your controllers: show, index, new, create, edit, update, destroy, delete.

This post makes it pretty clear:

Even though it's a pretty basic concept, I think it's really powerful and sometimes ignored.

What about you? Do you have any aha! moments you can remember of?

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I don't know about dream app but I'm thinking of building an app for amateur sports players to meet other players and organize matches with people that have their same level.

You probably have a bunch over there but there are not many good options in my language/country.

It's kind of interesting and it doesn't seem like impossible to make for my current level.

Also, I've been thinking of making a CSS framework with some basic UI components I designed but it's probably too stupid of a project to consider.

@Alan Reid: the Analytics app sounds really interesting. How do you plan to implement something like that?